Duties of Officers

      1. Outgoing officers shall be available for consultation and training to incoming officers for a time period of 6 months after their term ends.


    1. Performs as the principal spokesperson for the Organization.
    2. Presides at all meetings.
    3. Appoints Directors.
    4. Coordinates communications between the Organization and the public.
    5. Submits an agenda to the Secretary for distribution prior to meetings.
    6. Performs other duties as associated with the office President.
    7. Maintains a notebook of usernames and passwords for organizational accounts.
    8. Submits an annual Lobbyist Disclosure Form to the General Assembly.


    1. Performs the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President.
    2. Succeeds to the Office of President should the office become vacant during an unfinished term.
    3. Serve as an assistant/aide to the President.
    4. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President.
    5. Manages all Facebook groups and Groups.io messaging system.
    6. Each April, verifies any upcoming vacancies for MAB positions. If vacancies exist, emails a call for 3 CPMs to submit an application for the MAB position(s.)


    1. Records the minutes of the meetings of the Organization.
    2. Disseminates a copy of the minutes of all meetings to the membership.
    3. Maintains a Policy Handbook for the Organization, which includes the currently adopted Bylaws.
    4. Facilitates newsletter production with contributions from the Officers, Directors, Regional Reps & the membership at large.


    1. Keeps records of the Organization’s budget.
    2. Prepares financial reports as needed.
    3. Maintains the Organization’s bank account(s).
    4. Pays the lobbyist monthly.
    5. Collects membership dues.
    6. Files annual postcard with IRS.

Director of Education

    1. Schedules educational opportunities, workshops.
    2. Notifies membership of workshops.
    3. Submits education budget.

Director of Public Relations

    1. Liaisons with public, MWAB, BOM, EMS, Physicians, PAC, lobbyists, etc.
    2. Proposes legislation with the guidance of the lobbyist and Board.
    3. Creates & disseminates press releases.
    4. Submits advertising budget.

Director of Membership

    1. Contacts new midwives.
    2. Receives New memberships.
    3. Updates Current memberships.
    4. Coordinates Elections Committee.

Director of Regions

Coordinates Regional Representatives.

    1. Northern
    2. Tidewater
    3. Central
    4. Western
    5. Mountain Southwest

Director of Professional Accountability

    1. Conducts internal State Peer Review for any midwife receiving a complaint or having a poor/bad outcome.
    2. Attends all Board of Medicine midwifery disciplinary hearings, conferences or other meetings.
    3. Supports quarterly Regional Peer Review efforts.
    4. Coordinates the VMA-CPM Guild

 Director of Access & Equity 

1. Coordinates with director of education about scholarship opportunities.
2. Compiles list/resources for students, midwives, people of color and LGBTQ people in the state of VA.
3. Reviews VMA literature/website for gender and race neutral language.
4. Researches other midwifery organizations that have implemented access and equity programs.
5. Coordinates periodic events highlighting representation and address disparities.