Benefits of Joining VMA

 Benefits for all Members

  • Professional and personal community and networking with other professional midwives, student-midwives, doulas and birth advocates
  • Knowing that by supporting VMA you are supporting an alliance of midwives fighting for improved out-of-hospital choices, safety and legality
  • Working with others towards legislative safeguards protecting midwifery
  • Being part of a legacy of midwives sharing knowledge from one generation to the next

Benefits for CPMs, CNMs and other Midwives

  • Notifications and updates about most current state midwifery standards and policy changes
  • Midwifery leadership opportunities
  • The ability to explore and solve problems and issues related to practice with other professionals
  • Invitation to regional and statewide VMA meeting
  •  Invitation to regional and statewide Peer Review meetings
  • Information about training, education, and certifications opportunities occurring in Virginia and neighboring states, including CEU eligible classes, NNR/NRP, CPR and others
  • Participation in the VMA group messaging platform and ability to receive VMA notifications
  • Voting and decision making ability within VMA so that you may have a voice in matters that benefit you, your clients, and your profession
  • Collaboration and sharing between midwives with diverse levels of experience
  • Sharing clinical tips with other midwives
  • Being informed of job opportunities as soon as they arise
  • Access to forms, templates and other practice related resources
  • Notification of potential new clients searching for a midwife

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